Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel


Give your skin the needed hydration boost with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Its lightweight formula gets absorbed into the skin easily and quickly and eventually locks in hydration. It improves the skin’s self-hydrating ability. Now get healthy-looking and trouble-free skin with better smoothness, firmness, translucency, and plumpness with this unique oil-free formula.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides effective hydration for up to 72 hours long.
  • Reaches 2x deeper into the skin for better results.
  • Helps instantly enhance skin hydration.
  • Contains Prebiotics that provides 50% more Hyaluronic Acid, an excellent skin-hydrating ingredient.
  • Effectively strengthens the skin barrier to improve protection against 5 different aggressors.
  • A dermatologist tested product that is suitable for all skin types

Directions for Use:

  • Scoop a generous amount of the product and apply it to your face and neck.
  • Ensure that you massage the product on freshly cleansed skin.

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